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We here at gti-r-us have an extensive range of secondhand spares, we are probably one of the largest stockist’s of secondhand spares for the gtir worldwide!

When you buy from us then you know you will receive a good quality used part that will work when fitted, whether it be an engine or gearbox right down to a set of ignition leads.Whereas if you buy from ebay etc, then you really are taking a huge gamble on whether the item will work or not (that’s if you ever receive it). The parts listed below are constantly changing every day, so there’s no guarantee that the part will be in stock when you enquire about them, but we will endeavour to try and get the part requested asap should it not be in current stock.

Please also contact us for any other part not listed, as there are thousands of parts and its virtually impossible to list every item. We also occasionally have special offers on items that are in plentiful stock such as wheels and the like.

If you require photos of any items then please leave an email address through our Contact us page and they will be forwarded onto you at our earliest convenience.

Brakes & Components

Front Caliper£45.00
Rear Caliper£65.00
Front brake disc x 2
Rear brake disc x 2
Brake Master Cylinders£35.00
Servo Units£45.00
ABS ECU£20.00
ABS Sensor£45.00
ABS G Sensor£30.00
ABS Pump£40.00
Proportion Valve
Non abs
Handbrake Cable£25.00 each

Suspension & Steering Components

Drivshaft complete£55.00 front
£45.00 rear
Standard Suspension Legs£35.00 each
Propshafts£30.00 a section
Front ARB std£25.00
Rear ARB std£25.00
Drop Links£10.00 each
RearRadius Arms£25.00 each
Rear Subframe£140.00
Front Wishbones£40.00
Steering Racks£75.00
Steering Column£35.00
Trackrod Ends£10.00
Hub Assemblies£45.00

Under Bonnet Parts

Turbo'sFrom £150.00
Acutators stock£30.00
Boost Control Solenoid£20.00
Intercoolers (stock)£55.00
Induction Pipe (stock)£15.00
Hard Induction Pipe£20.00
Standard Airbox£160.00
Distributors£75.00 Re-con
Standard Lead Set£25.00
Ignition Modules£20.00
W/S Washer bottle With Motor£40.00
Plastic header Tank£20.00
Engine Wiring harness£45.00
Engine to ECU Harness£55.00
Clutch Slave Cylinder£20.00 Re-con
Clutch Master Cylinder & Reservoir£25.00
Standard Radiators£40.00
Coolant Hoses£10.00
Radiator Fans£15.00 each

Engine Parts & Gearboxes

Bare Engine Blocksfrom £150.00
Cylinder HeadsFrom £120.00 bare with valves, springs, retainers
Throttle Bodies only£60.00
Exhaust Manifolds£65.00
Plenum complete£85.00
Standard Injectors£35.00 each sonic cleaned
Camshafts (Pair)£1200.00
Pistons£30.00 each
Conrods£30.00 each
CrankshaftsFrom £150.00 (need grind)
Oil Pumps£75.00
std Oil Coolers£45.00
P/S Pumps£85.00 Re-con
Starter Motors£75.00 Re-con
Alluminium Sump
Metal sump pan
Crankshaft Pulley£70.00
GearBox Mounts std
Engine mount std
Uprated mounts
£45.00 each
Other Sprockets/Pulleys£10.00
Rocker Covers£55.00
Water Pumps£20.00
GearboxesFrom £500.00
Uprated Clutch Forks£65.00
Rear Diffs£120.00

Exterior, Panels Etc

Door (Bare)£60.00
Bonnet (Bare)£120.00
Bumper (Front, Uncut)£145.00
Bumpers (Front, Cut)£65.00
Bumper Support Bar£35.00
Front Cross Member tube£30.00
Door Hinges£10.00 each
Front Slam Panel (upper)£35.00
Petrol Flap£15.00
Tailgate (Bare with glass)£80.00
Rear Spoiler£35.00
Under Grille Metal Strips£35.00
Hydraulic Boot Struts (Pair)£20.00
Door Glass£25.00
Arch Trim (eyebrow)£30.00 each
Sill Skirt£25.00
Sill End Cap£15.00
Rear Light£35.00
Side Repeaters£25.00 pair
Arch liner£20.00
Number Plate Surround£25.00
Scuttle Pannel£20.00
Wiper Arms£5.00 each
Wiper Motors£20.00


Passenger seat£45.00
Drivers Seats£75.00
Doorcards£35.00 front
£25.00 rear
Centre Consul£15.00
Centre Consul Lid£25.00
Dash Surround£35.00
Column Surround £15.00
Stereo Surround£25.00
Drivers Door Control Switch£45.00
Mirror Control Switch£10.00
Passenger Control Switch£20.00
Interior Light£10.00
Headlining£25.00 non sunroof
£85.00 sunroof
Main Carpet£85.00
Boot Carpet£25.00
Gauges 3 Cluster£45.00
Main Clocks£85.00
Heater Cards£20.00
Blower Motor£20.00
Heater Matrix unit£30.00
Electric Window Motor£55.00
Standard Steering Wheels£180.00
Parcel Shelves (Uncut)£95.00
Parcel Shelves (Cut)£35.00
Gear Gator Surrounds£15.00

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