Hi all

This business started purely by accident. I purchased a gtir around seven years ago purely to race in one of the leading circuit championships, I also purchased a 2nd car to use as spares for the race car. I then joined 2 of the leading owner club sites to gather further info on these cars and all there weaknesses! it became apparent to other users on the owners clubs that I had a 2nd car, and as spares were relatively hard to obtain at a fair price, I ended up selling the entire car within a fortnight of its purchase, then another, another and so on, until it almost became a full time business to run.

Since then we have branched out and expanded at an alarming rate with carrying out all works and repairs to these vehicles at very competitive prices as there simply isn’t many garages that like to work on these vehicles, and those that do seem to charge the earth to carry out the simplest of tasks.
Myself ‘Bob’ proprietor, have been in the motor trade for around 20 years now, I am a fully qualified mechanic, and have extensive knowledge on most vehicles, so without sounding too brash, I’m very adaptive and conversant with the work I carry out to any motor vehicle, although specialising in the little pulsar gtir.
I currently have 3 members of staff, the first being ‘Lee’ who is a semi skilled mechanic who does one day a week college release to study for his qualifications, and the remainder of the time he works alongside me to become fully conversant with the gtir, he is a hard working likeable guy that is a very good asset to my company.

Secondly there’s my wife ‘Clare’ who carries out all the paperwork, posting of parts and the like, also makes a lovely cuppa! without her the business would be much more difficult to run, as she takes care of everything I hate doing i.e. paperwork! wont ever see her with dirty fingernails though!!!

Any help or advice needed then just contact me either by phone or our forum which youll find a link  to on the homepage of this site, and il try help where at all possible

many thanks


Watch this space for further updates!

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